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Patient Data Is the engine that will power EHR systems, vendors

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

We have all been bombarded by the hundreds of EMR and EHR vendors and more than 1000 certified products that saturate the marketplace today. So how hot is the EMR market right now? Enought to demand $27 PER CLICK for “Electronic Medical Records” by Google for a top three ad location!

EHR systems are poised to begin following the real economic opportunity that is fueling healthcare IT…patient data. Big pharma and other companies will pay large amounts of cash for patients data (depersonalized, secure, anonymous data, of course). Awakening to the existence of this money trail- a pool of data bigger than the largest oil field reserves-can bring up many questions such as:

Who contraols the data, and who can profit from it?

Can a clearinghouse sell data? How about the EHR vendor? How about the patient?

Shoiuld a patient get a cut from the sold data? Hey, it works in the music industry. Can apatient opt-out of having her information sold?

With Obamacare being on the front burner this week, fine points such as those listed above are sure to gain an audience soon. We hope that you will share your thoughts with us.