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Is Your EMR Being Forced Out?

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

As the use of Electronic Health Records has reached a tipping point, many EHR vendors and their users are faced with the reality that a company is no longer financially sustainable. As a result, physicians may have too seek a new EHR system to replacce their old one.

Or do they?

If  “abandoned system” users are willing to pay $50 per month, they can likely not only keep the system alive, but make it thrive, keep updated with MU2/MU3, ICD-9 and other unforeseen changes in reporting regulations.

Also, If a practice has decided they can no longer stomach the HIT market
risk from unstable vendors, they can be provided their own PM and/or EMR. That’s right, they own it. A very affordable upfront cost, a system that works how they want it too.

Gone can be the model of ongoing SaaS fees. And, as a SaaS solution, customers can benefit from receiving INCREMENTAL REVENUE for their practice via a patented content delivery solution…Imagine communicating with every phycician and patient/consumer in the US on a targeted, granular level. Talk about ROI on, well, minimal ROI!

The result is an entire network of existing users on different systems with minimal disruption on their end.

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