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25 Questions to ask before buying Electronic Health Records!

Friday, October 14th, 2011

1. Do you work with my local Regional Extension Center (REC) or have an implementation team that will make an assessment of the readiness of my practice for EMR adoption?

2. Do you hold user group meetings? How often? Can users share information online?

3. Do you have an office workflow report to track stuff like phone message turnaround time by nurses and providers?

4. How often should we expect software updates? Will you be on top of MU Stage 2-3 requirements?

5. Have your clients been more successful with an “all at once” implementation approach or a phase-in approach?

6. What happens when my office is hit by a disaster-are the records safe?

7. How many providers, in our specialty, use this system? (Talk to the references, and make sure that the users are not investors in the company!)

8. What is the “signature advantage” of your system over others?

9. How many clients can demonstrate they have achieved their ROI or shown attestation?

10. Can we load our fee schedule and insurance contracts and see performance comparisons?

11. Security: Do you carry cyber and privacy liability insurance coverage?

12. Will an EHR migration absorb all of the patient demographics through a reverse migration from the billing data?

13. How often are coding updates incorporated?

14. Does the vendor have a complete inventory of drug, allergy, food interactions and their respective alerts incorporated into the system and again, how often is the database updated?

15. What is the pricing structure, by practitioner? By location? Are there different prices for varying types of practitioners? Do you recommend a ASP/SaaS model or client-server? Why?

16. Does my local Regional Extension Center (REC) have experience with your company or product? Do they recommend or endorse use of your solutions?

17. Is your system template driven? Customizable?. For my specific specialty, how much time do I need to devote to populate and customize the templates to become functional in my practice? How much time is needed from me to tailor to my needs and style?

18. What reporting capabilities are natively embedded in your system? Is it a separate module? How easy is it to generate my own custom reports (ad hoc)?

19. To achieve meaningful use qualification, do you have dashboards and other tools to allow me to evaluate how our providers are doing in the specific areas needed to qualify for ARRA/HITECH funds?

20. Do you have a money-back guarantee for Stage 2 and Stage 3 of Meaningful Use qualification?

21. Why is your company different from more than 200 other EMR vendors?

22. Are you a reseller or vendor direct? Can some other company sell me the same EMR system you are proposing?

22. Who is going to scan and digitize all of my existing paper charts?

23. How am I going to finance this EMR purchase?

24. How do I get my $44,000 in incentive funding to start using this new EMR system?

25. Vendor stability: Do you anticipate your company being bought out by another EMR vendor?