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Next for your Mobil device: Your own Personal Health Record

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

So what’s the next hot app for your mobile device? The answer: Your complete Personal Health Record, or PHR. And this information will be secure and available by you “Anytime, Anywhere and On-Demand”.

Doctors must move your medical records from paper to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) by law and in a short timeframe. This EMR will serve to populate your PHR data.

We know that currently a PHR application sounds about exciting as watching paint dry. PHR does not have the same appeal as many of the apps available today. But really, what is more important than the life application that is your medical record? Consider:

PHR will allow for faster, accurate communication between you and your doctor. The free flow of information will benefit patients, physicians and caretakers of those with conditions. In addition, forget the redundant paperwork that accompanies every visit to a new physician. Just hand back the paperwork and hand over your PHR. Done and done. Now THAT’s consumer satisfaction.

Who among us much cared about cell phones and ATM cards until they were available, but what would you do without them today?

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