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The move from paper medical charts to Electronic Medical Records is a process, not just a product.

Doctors must be aware of the many moving parts that make up a successful EMR/EHR system.

Selecting a EMR solution is like examining a patient. Doctors must know the the condition before prescribing a course of action. The proper EMR solution must address steps such as the scanning and digitizing existing paper records, Personal Health Records access, financing, stimulus reimbursement registration for receiving payments, billing, ePrescribing, Health Information Exchange initiatives and much more.

As a medical practice, do you have time for all of that?

The team at My EMR Choice is your elegant solution in understanding the healthcare IT landscape and it's many moving parts. We know that doctors want to focus on quality patient care. With hundreds of EMR vendors and resellers to select from, My EMR Choice matches your needs to reliable EMRsolutions.

Bring us your questions and leave happy!

What people are saying...

"MyEMRChoice.com has been very helpful in navigating the myriad of EMR software vendors. Their insight and experience is invaluable in avoiding bad choices and selecting features that are appropriate for a specific practice. Highly recommended." -Dr. Dave Denmead

"The free consultation from the experts at myEMRchoice.com allowed our healthcare facility to focus less on time-consuming software evaluations and more on patient care." - G. Bruce Ward, CEO Atlantic Health Initiative


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